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I have come across a podcast that has great potential. One of the great reasons to swing to Macs is the fact that there is a huge community that develops highly usable, not bloated, and useful applications…applications that you wouldn’t mind paying for because they are so great.

I have stumbled upon the NeatLittleMacApps podcast, who’s sole purpose is review neat little Mac applications that many other people might otherwise miss.

A great example of this podcast is its 2nd episode, which is a review of a great little application called Wallet, by Waterfall Software. Wallet uses 448-bit blowfish encryption in order to protect all of your passwords, credit cards, serial numbers, etc…while making it very easy to look up this information when required.

You can even sync your “Wallet” with your iPod or .Mac. While the iPod sync isn’t secure (if someone happens to “find” your iPod, your not exactly in a good position), it is great for those who want to keep a list of passwords close by. Syncing is as easy as drag-in-drop which items you want to sync.
I plan to listen to this podcast often, hoping to come across another useful application.

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  1. Hi Chris.
    Glad you like the show. And apparently you’re one of many who really happened to like the ‘Wallet’ episode. I do like your post here. It describes the reason I started this podcast very good. There are tons of non-bloated apps out there… all for Macs! And they look soooo goood;)

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