The spam invasion

Some asshole decided to start spamming my blog.

Over 6,000 spam comments have been sent to my blog the past three days. That is three times the amount I had since restarting this blog over a year ago.

Only two slipped through and those two were held for moderation. That is right, out of over 6,000 spam comments, not one actually made it onto the site.

That to me is a miracle. And I owe it all to a little WordPress Plugin that wrecks any chances of spam coming in. Thank you Akismet!

2 thoughts on “The spam invasion

  1. In my experience, Akismet is only accurate about 75% of the time – it’s had a number of false positives and false negatives. Thankfully my other anti-spam plugins have countered that.

    Does your host offer mod_security, by the way? It should block attacks like this at the server level, thus preventing WordPress from bringing your server to its knees. I know that WordPress is not as much of a resource hog as Movable Type but it might help.

  2. Akismet has been remarkably accurate for me.

    Like I just checked and I had another 1,700+ spam comments. Not one was a false positive and not one spam comment got through to my blog.

    I do have mod_security turned on. I turned that on probably a year or so ago.

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