Random thoughts

Some random thoughts from the past week:

  • Brought my Macbook over to the Genius Bar at the Salem Apple Store and after some tests, both of us agreed that the Superdrive needed to be replaced. He said they would order the parts and in 3-5 business days they will give me a call to schedule the repair. I hope this fixes the problem that I have with ripping some CD’s on my Macbook.
  • Katie’s portable CD player that she has had since freshman year of college has finally bit the dust. So we went out to BestBuy and bought an iHome iH5, which is a clock AM/FM radio that lets you dock your iPod into it as well. What a fantastic little radio. We spent all afternoon/night cleaning out the bedroom and listening to it. Great quality (especially for the price) and worked as advertised. Plus it is simple. What a concept.
  • We had an interesting weekend. Drove up to my parents house Friday night. Then early Saturday we had a three car caravan to my uncle’s house in Connecticut for a family reunion. First time in four years or so that  I have seen many of my cousin’s on my Dad’s side of the family. Good to see everyone. Oh and I learned I sucked at darts.
  • Because my company has placed in the top 5 for best small companies to work at, we were all given today (July 3rd) as a paid holiday in addition to tomorrow’s Independence Day holiday. Nothing better then four day weekends. I love working here.
  • I think I have settled on Camino for my web browser. The latest builds for what will become Camino 1.1 include opening new windows in tabs…a feature that I cannot live without. I keep trying Safari and just cannot use it…just doesn’t do what I need it to do. Firefox is alright, but it needs some much love on OS X.
  • I showed my Mom how iPhoto works. She wants a Mac now. Badly.
  • I just found out that the iPod Mini either does not support SoundCheck when the audio is coming via the dock connector or that it is a bug. That sucks and I doubt it will ever get fixed at this point. Maybe this is an excuse to buy a new iPod…must resist temptation.

3 thoughts on “Random thoughts

  1. Chris, I owe you big. I’ve been using the nightly version of Camino and didn’t even realize it had the new window in tab mode. I’ve been wanting that for ages. Thanks for pointing it out.

  2. I know, that is a killer feature for those of us who love tabs.

    Only problem is I have been playing with Bon Echo Alpha 3 (what will become Firefox 2) and I am enjoying it A LOT!

    Can’t decide which browser to use…nothing fits my definition of the perfect browser.

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