The backup strategy

A week ago the Windows machine decided that it was a good time for its hard drive to die. I lucked out and was able to get the data off of the drive before it passed the point of no return. Since then, I have worked hard on implementing a nightly backup strategy for both my Mac and the Windows machine.

Prior to a week ago, I did backups only when I remembered, which was once every few months if I was lucky. A horrible policy, especially for someone who makes a living in the IT business and have seen clients lose data in the past due to no backups. I was determined to get things done right this time.

The Mac side of things is pretty simple. I did some searches and came up with a program called SuperDuper! that made backing up as easy as it gets. I already had an external 120 GB hard drive, so the storage was taken care of. A few clicks and presto, I had a backup at 1:30 AM every day of the week of all of my user files. Couldn’t have been any easier. I just have to remember to keep the external hard drive on at all times.

I am still working on the Windows side of things to get that machine backed up. I need to experiment with SuperDuper! to make sure it can backup a Windows machine over the network. It looks like I can do it, but it might take some tweaking to get everything working right. That is my project for this week. The good news is that backup will be really quick…only Katie uses that computer and her data storage needs are slim outside of pictures and music. If I backup 3 GB of data I would be shocked.

I also plan on doing the following:

  • Do at least a quarterly backup of all files onto DVD’s and store them offsite, securely.
  • Find a way to make my 120 GB external hard drive be connected directly to the network. This would allow both computers (the Mac and PC) to access the drive independently, which would be useful if one of the computers is offsite. This also means if one computer fails on the backup due to software issues, the other computer will still backup (hopefully).
  • Get UPS’ for the router/modem and each computer. That way everything is protected from lightning strikes and power surges. Would be nice if I could get at least on TV on them too.

3 thoughts on “The backup strategy

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a solid strategy so far. I know that for my machine I use PC Backup by StompSoft. ( ) For me this covers all the bases that I need it to. For example I can create a backup on nearly any type of media I want and it also has automatic scheduled backups that save me from having to remember. Between these two features I manage to keep a fairly current backup of my computer.



  2. So the PC Backup really works well? I have been thinking about getting it but have been unsure if it was what i really needed. Though, from your description I would probably buy it…as soon as I get the money that is. 🙂

  3. Hey Bill!,

    I finally got a hold of the back up software title that you mentioned. I have it installed and I even took the time to give it a test run of sorts. Now I have backup files on a USB drive and soon I expect to test run the backup process. I just wanted to say thanks for the suggestion. I think that this software is a great edition to my software library.

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