The great Mac browser test

A little late on the first installment of the the Great Mac Browser Test. For a little over a week, the lone web browser I used was Safari, in an attempt to give it an honest try without switching to other browsers.

Here are a list of great benefits I discovered using Safari:

  • Safari is one extremely fast browser when it came to rendering. Very hard to get Safari to lock up while loading a web page, even one heavy on graphics, Flash, and JavaScript like many MySpace pages are clogged with.
  • The very simple interface put the focus on web browsing and getting things done, instead of tinkering.
  • The font rendering is excellent. Some web pages just seem to jump out differently just because of the little differences in font rendering.

The things I did not like:

  • Very little ability to customize. There are add-ons for Safari, but in my experience they tend to be rather clunky, bloated, and buggy.
  • Many web sites I use don’t work or have elements of the pages that don’t work. A great example: the rich text editing buttons that you see on forums or even on WordPress to make a post…most do not work with Safari, but work fine in Firefox and Camino.
  • Tab Browsing is too simple. No ability to force new windows to open in tabs for example, which makes it really hard to jump around different pages that are open the same time
  • No easy way that I can see to add search engines to the search box
  • It would be nice if you could customize Safari easily, like you can with Firefox’s extensions.
  • No unified UI. Brushed Metal is so dated looking

Verdict: Safari has lots of potential if its annoying little quirks are worked out. If it actually worked with some of the web sites I must use, I may even switch to it. However, the big deal breaker is the lack of tabbed browsing options…Safari just does not let me be productive enough when I surf online.

Next Up: Camino