The great Mac browser test

I have decided to embark on a test of epic proportions.

For the next month, I am going to use exclusively one web browser per week on my Mac. At the end of each week, I will do a write-up on my experiences with the web browser I used, the pros/cons, and whether I would consider switching to that browser.

Why am I doing this? Quite simple. I am very unsatisfied with browsing the web on Macs and need to see if I can find something that matches my needs.

The schedule:

  • Week 1 – Apple Safari 2.0.4
  • Week 2 – Opera 9
  • Week 3 – Mozilla Camino 1.0.2
  • Week 4 – Mozilla Firefox
  • The Verdict

The reason I am limiting this test to the four browsers above are the following.

  1. I want free web browsers. OmniWeb does not qualify.
  2. I want to set a reasonable date in the near future for this test to complete (so I picked a month
  3. I want to use web browsers that a normal Mac user could end up using and downloading.

The first installment of this test, with Apple Safari, will be posted by next Sunday.