Random notes (August 26th)

Some random notes from the past week:

  • I went to IKEA today with Katie. What an amazing store. It was only the second time I had ever gone there, but this time I purchased something: a very nice coffee table. Very easy to assemble, took about a half hour and is incredibly sturdy.
  • I used a trial of eMusic to download a couple of albums that I have always wanted, including an album that was out of print by a band called Samiam. I then canceled the trial, as I could not find much music that interested me outside of the 50 songs I downloaded from the trial.
  • My brother Justin was offered two jobs the past few days, both with major graphic design firms in Boston. He is still deciding which one he is going to choose, but that is a good problem to have. Congratulations go out to him for his fantastic work.
  • My youngest brother Dan is one week away from starting his 5 years at Northeastern, majoring in Computer Science. Almost makes me want to cry…
  • I have been working out for the past month at the company gym, 3 times a week. Never worked out in my life before and I was pathetic my first time on the weights. However I am doing really well a month later…I can push 135 pounds with my legs (which is slightly more then my weight, which is starting to gain with the muscle I’m adding) and I am at 75 pounds on the other machines. I am actually starting to notice significant improvements in strength and feeling in shape for the first time since high school.

3 thoughts on “Random notes (August 26th)

  1. You pansy that’s all you can lift. I have a mouse that can lift more than that. Keep up the heavy lifting there stimy.

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