Pinstripe for Firefox 2.0

Check out this awesome update of the classic Firefox theme for OS X users. It really makes Firefox fit in with OS X. Although I do not understand why one of the main developers of Firefox want us to install it. If he likes it so much, why isn’t it in Firefox 2.0?

Corrupt Politics

Couple interesting articles I read today on corrupt politics in this country. – 13 Most Corrupt Members of Congress Washington Post – Ties to GOP trumpted skill on Iraq team I’m hoping beyond hope that there is lots of new faces in D.C. come November. But seeing how corrupt things are these days, it […]

The first 5K run

Today I participated in my first 5K (just over 3 miles) run. It was a race at Pease International Tradeport to benefit the St. Charles Childrens Home. Over 773 runners finished the race and I am proud to say I am one of them. I thought going into this that I would have a tough […]