Why I love Google Reader

A week or two ago, Google Reader was completely redesigned. At the time, I was using NewsFire, a very solid newsreader for OS X. However, there were many minor quirks that got to me.

The new Google Reader resolved those quirks. I cannot get enough of it now. What do I love about the new version?

  • Works a lot like how Bloglines works, except it seems faster and is designed much better.
  • Subscribing to feeds is so easy. Just type in the name of the site. Type it in perfectly and Google Reader will just autosubscribe to it. If there is any doubt, it will give you a few choices and let you pick which one to subscribe to.
  • With one click you can star an item to look at later. Invaluable when you are doing just a quick scan over your unread items and want to go back to an item later on.
  • With one click you can share an item. I can then share these to anyone who wants to check out what I have been reading. I can also subscribe to share feeds from other people. So if you were using Google Reader, I can see what you share!
  • I can easily tag and organize my feeds.
  • It has keyboard shortcuts that work real well.

My only complaints?

  • Can’t add a feed to a folder when you first subscribe to it. You have to go to Manage Subscriptions and organize it after the fact. Annoying, but it is a workaround that works.
  • Can’t sort by oldest items first. Since many of my feeds require me to keep up on older posts first, this isn’t good. However, a workaround is to scroll down all the way on the all items list until you hit the bottom, then work your way up the list.

I highly recommend Google Reader for anyone that is trying to keep track of web sites they read. Try it out today.