Why the Zune 1st Generation will fail

Fellow geeks today probably know that Microsoft has released the long awaited “iPod-killer”, aka the Zune. Already there is two big issues Microsoft has to overcome in my above statement: Geeks know about the Zune, but not the average music listener. I just asked my fiancee if she knows what a Zune is. She gave […]

Yesterday is Tomorrow

We have finally woken up. With the election yesterday bringing an overwealming victory by the Democrats. I couldn’t be happier. Because for the first time in six years, we will again have our checks and balances working again. As some of you know, I am an independent when it comes to politics, fiscally conservative and […]

A nice Saturday

Yesterday my brothers, Katie, and I went up to Sunapee and surprised my mother for her birthday. She was very happy to see us. We took her out to eat and had a good ole time. However, we did see our first snowflakes of the year. Not happy about that part. Weird how when I […]