Yesterday is Tomorrow

We have finally woken up.

With the election yesterday bringing an overwealming victory by the Democrats. I couldn’t be happier. Because for the first time in six years, we will again have our checks and balances working again.

As some of you know, I am an independent when it comes to politics, fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I detest corruption. I hate deficits. I cannot stand my rights being taken away.

I couldn’t care less which party controls what…as long as if each branch is controlled by a different party. Then I know my interests as an independent are served and that most of what makes it through the system is balanced/fair for the broadest amount of people possible. When governments are separated like this, they tend to moderate their laws to gain support. Everyone wins and that is how things should be.

Finally Bush will be held in check. I cannot stand the guy, but I am confident that if he somehow agrees with what the new Congress passes and signs on the dotted line, then I know it is for the good of the nation. Unlike the past six years, when he took whatever power possible and then some.

Both parties have a lot to work on now. Corruption has to be stamped out. Both parties if they are smart (which lets face it, they have to earn that distinction first) should work together to pass legislation that will benefit us all and that is popular. The two parties have to win back the voters for 2008.

I feel like I finally have a voice again. Democracy isn’t perfect, but it is the best thing we have. This time it worked. I think that the next two years will not be two years of nothing…if the politicians get the hint and actually work.