Catching up time

I know, I know…it has been awhile since I have posted on here to say the least.

What have I been up to?

  • This year was the first time I have ever bought every Christmas gift online. I was able to take care of this early thanks to free shipping deals at places like and (plus a few other online stores, but I won’t name them since the gifts would be obvious right away). Made it much less stressful then risking my life finding a parking spot at the Mall of New Hampshire.
  • We had the first snow of the year yesterday in Manchester. Just a half inch or so, although it made for an interesting commute. It has been absolutely freezing the past few days, but tomorrow is going to be 50 degrees. Go figure.
  • My boss gave me a Palm LifeDrive to try out. It is the first PDA I ever used. It is interesting, although I have lots of issues with the UI. I am going to try to keep my schedule and contacts on there for work. Oh how I wish that Apple would just come out with an iPhone.
  • Speaking of phones, starting on the 27th Katie and I are eligible for practically free new cell phones from Verzion. I am shopping around for phones to check out, plus checking out the other cell phone providers to see what they are offering. I might as well look around before signing away my soul for another two years to a cell phone provider. Maybe I should wait for MacWorld to come around before buying a phone…you never know…
  • Yesterday at my work’s holiday party, I won a $100 gift certificate door prize to Dick’s Sporting Goods. Did I ever mention that my employer is awsome? I bought the Nike+iPod kit for my iPod nano, an armband for my iPod, and some comfortable fleece pants. Did I mention that Dick’s Sporting Goods is insanely expensive? Hey, it wasn’t my money!
  • I am trying out Safari again. Firefox is just too slow on Macs. We will see how long this lasts.

Until next time…take it easy.