2007 Resolutions

I don’t typically do resolutions, but I want to set some goals for 2007.

  • Read more – When I encounter a book I want to read, I absolutely tear through it. It isn’t uncommon for me to finish a novel in 2-3 days. Problem is, I didn’t do much reading in 2006. That needs to change.
  • Save more – I want to work on cutting my expenses and save money so I can start paying extra on my student loans.
  • Work out again – From July to the end of October, I was working out every day at my company’s gym and doing a fantastic job. Then I got lazy and stopped going. Starting next week, I plan on returning to the gym 3 days a week and stick with it this year.
  • Pull off this wedding – Getting married in September means the big day is getting closer. I am going to pull this off and have a great time!

For the most part, they are simple resolutions…but that is the point. I want to succeed. Let’s check again in January 2008.

2 thoughts on “2007 Resolutions

  1. A novelist that I’ve recently been really enjoying is Italo Calvino. Really really interesting stuff not in the category of “ordinary”. Then of course there’s Mark Z Danielewski’s “House of Leaves”. I can offer more specific recommendations if you give me some stuff you’ve already read.

    And as for your success in your resolutions, what are you going to reward yourself with if you keep on track for the short while? Most goals I set for myself are broken into large and short term, as I’m sure you’re familiar with in your own projects. All I’m saying is don’t forget the day to day picture.

    Happy holidays bro.

  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I will keep them in mind.

    Good point on the rewards. That is the main reason resolutions never work out.

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