So the iPhone finally arrives

So Apple released its much fabled iPhone today. I couldn’t be happier, even though it will be probably two years before I get to buy one for myself (damn Verizon contract I signed just two weeks ago!).

I am absolutely shocked at the phone’s interface. It is so simple and beautiful. How come no other phone manufacturer has come close? I look at my phone’s interface, which runs the much hated Verizon Wireless UI, and wonder how much money Verizon spent for that piece of crap. I have helped many people with their PDA’s and I get confused with how to use them. Considering that PDA’s and cell phones have been around for well over a decade, it is amazing no one has come close to the iPhone interface in terms of simplicity and beauty.

Here are a few other thoughts:

  • The reason it is so expensive ($499 for 4GB, $599 for 8GB)? Apple wants to slowly roll it out, getting input from early adopters and tweaking it. Really the iPod did not become popular until the 3G/4G models (especially when the iPod Mini came out), because the price point and the size were perfected.
  • Which reminds me, I guarantee there will be lower end models of the iPhone within the next year or so, once the technology matures and the cell phone companies get their infrastructure to support it well. Makes too much sense and follows what Apple did with the iPod.
  • Guarantee at some point, you will be able to buy 3rd-party iPhone apps from the iTunes store (just like the iPod Games).
  • Then again, with Safari, e-mail, widgets, and so on…what can’t you do with the iPhone that would need a 3rd-party application for?

Did I mention I wanted one?