Super Bowl XLI Prediction

I couldn’t care less who wins Super Bowl XVI tomorrow. I am just not interested in the Colts winning or the Bears winning.

No, I am not bitter because the Patriots aren’t in the big game. After all, we had three Super Bowl wins in six seasons…who could be disappointed with a record like that (ok, maybe WEEI or the Knights of the Keyboard, but who cares about them)? I am forever grateful to experience a dynasty like that. Heck, you could argue the dynasty is continuing still thanks to nearly making the Super Bowl again.

I just don’t care for either team playing tomorrow.

I will never cheer for the Colts (especially Peyton Manning), especially since I am sure the Patriots and Colts will face each other many more times in the near future. You don’t cheer for your mortal enemy. Although I do have to say, I am intrigued to see if Peyton will resurrect his choking daemons…

Why should I cheer for the Bears too? After all, they massacred beat the Pats 20 or so years ago in the Super Bowl. While they have a very good defense, I have never been sold on Rex Grossman. You just have to look back at earlier this season, when the Pats picked off Grossman 3 times in a 17-13 victory over the Bears. How this guy is a quarterback for a Super Bowl team is beyond me.

So which team do I pick?

I predict a very close game…after all, any blow out will just bore me and I am always up for a good football game.

The Bears will win…if they pick off Peyton several times and score points directly from those picks. Grossman will not win the game for the Bears and the Colts defense certainly won’t win the game themselves. The battle is simple: Peyton vs. Da Bears defense. If Peyton gets into a rhythm and can wear out the Bears defense, the Bears are done…as no one can rely on Grossman gunslinging to a Super Bowl victory.

However…I have been wrong many times before. I am human after all…