The honeymoon is booked

Today I booked our honeymoon. Katie and I will be heading to the Western Caribbean after our wedding in September. We will be on-board the Carnival Legend cruise ship for 7 nights.

We were originally looking into going to San Diego, California for our honeymoon. Neither of us have ever been on the west coast and thought it would be a fantatistic honeymoon. However, the more I looked into it, the more I was wondering if it would be the right choice. Hotels in September are expensive out in San Diego. Not to mention, while it is a very warm climate, Katie was hoping for something even more tropical. Plus there was nothing “exotic” about visiting California. We wanted a honeymoon where we could really experience something new, fresh, and exciting.

So I started looking at other options. I looked at all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean, but rejected those due to the threat of hurricanes in September. After all, the last thing I want to do is trying to get out of Cancun with a hurricanne heading straight for me. I looked at Florida, but again, not exotic enough or fresh (both of us have been to Florida many times).

Finally, I stumbled across cruises. Since the ships can move and usually have at least a few days of notice on a hurricane’s path, they can easily alter the itnerary if the weather was really bad. Heck they can even cancel and give me a full refund if the trip is doomed.

I have never been on a cruise, but Katie has and loved every moment of it. Not to mention, we both get to see four places we never thought we would see: Belize, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and Costa Maya.

Not to mention, cruises are really economical. For the price a very low end San Diego hotel, I get a room plus food four two (not to mention many ship activities/shows). I don’t have to worry about renting a car, saving more money. Finally, I can get really cheap flights from Manchester to Tampa (where the cruise departs/returns)…$54 each way at last year’s prices. Except thanks to credit card points, I get the flights for free. That leaves a lot of $$$ left over to use on the cruise.

Of course, it is really easy to run up a bill on a cruise if you don’t do things in moderation. I hardly drink, so that won’t be an issue. We are going to stick with the simple excursions (tours, beaches, etc.) and not the real expensive ones.

I am really excited. This should be a lot of fun!