Windows Home Server

I have to admit, even though I am rapidly heading towards a Windows Free Home ™, I am quite intrigued by Microsoft’s Windows Home Server. It is the exact product I have had floating around in my head for quite some time, an easy way to store all of your home’s data in a central location for backup purposes.

Of course it requires Windows, which limits its usefulness in my case. However many homes have easily 2-4 PC’s and could definitely use this. Microsoft could have a winner here.

However, there is probably a catch: how much will Windows Home Server hardware be sold for?

First web site

I am 100% sure this is going to come back to haunt me.

My brother Justin and I randomly were just now randomly searching the web and stumbled across our first ever web sites, still running thanks to GeoCities (guess they never delete old accounts). This was from 1996 (11 years ago) when I was in 9th grade and he was in 7th grade.

My first site was a Nirvana fan page, while his was a X-Men fan site.

Weird how time seems so frozen there.

Warning: Lots of awful HTML (circa. 1996) generated by Claris Home Page 1.0 (of all software).

Random brain dump

Some random stuff that I have been meaning to write about:

  • What is up with the weather? Tonight it is going hit -2 degrees according to and my morning commute looks like it will be in the 4 degree range. It is so cold that my stereo system in my car takes a few minutes to heat up before it will talk with my iPod (note to self: gotta get that fixed). By 3:00pm on Saturday (roughly 42 hours from now), it will be 47 degrees out and all next week we will be flirting with 50 degrees. Welcome to spring in New Hampshire.
  • It has been about 9 weeks since I started using Invisalign braces. I just started aligner set #5 (of 12 for my bottom teeth, of 24 for my top teeth), so I am almost halfway done the bottom teeth and almost a quarter done the top teeth. I switch to a new set of aligners 2 weeks on Wednesday. Usually by Friday (48 hours or so), my mouth is no longer sore from the new set and I can easily take them off. So really, it is just 2 days of being sore and having a relatively difficult time taking them off. I think that with the last set is the first time I think I started to notice something, but it is tough to tell since each set does such a small amount of change on its own. I think I will have to look at the before/after photos to really appreciate the amount of change.
  • I have a good feeling about the Red Sox this year. This is one of the deepest starting rotations around (even deeper then 2004’s) if everyone stays healthy. The offense looks pretty well rounded. Only concern is the bullpen, but those are always a crapshoot and it is the one thing Theo can’t seem to get together (outside of 2004).
  • Speaking about good feelings, how about the Patriots? They are schooling everyone in free agency. So much for being “cheap” like some members of the media (*cough* Ron Borges *cough*) think they are.
  • On the other hand, those Celtics are doing a great job working for that #1 (or #2) pick!
  • On the geek front, the DST changes are a bane to my existence. This is one of those (many) times where the government did more harm then good…why break something that was working fine? I think at work we got everything patched up on the Windows side, but I am worried about Lotus Notes…calendar systems are really weird to begin with when it comes to time zones. Nothing can be simple and easy I guess.
  • I have been reading Barack Obama’s two books and I don’t think I ever been more impressed with a politician. He is exactly the type of leader that should be President.
  • Tomorrow marks the return of me to the gym at work. Actually, technically I returned yesterday when I got fitness tested (being entered in a drawing for a new iPod had nothing to do with that, I swear). So anyways, tomorrow I going to restart working out and be very sore this weekend.

This one hit a little too close to home

Newport, NH soldier killed in Iraq

I didn’t know him personally, but apparently my father worked with his father for many years.  I send my best wishes to his family and friends.

I know several people who are in Iraq or are probably going back there in the next few months.  I hope they all can come home soon, safe and sound.


Only in New Hampshire

Temperature forecasts for the next few days:

  • Today – 49 degrees
  • Sunday – 40 degrees
  • Monday – 39 degrees
  • Tuesday – 17 degrees

Nothing like spring (well, almost spring) in New Hampshire.