Off-site backups with Mozy

Those of you who have read my blog know how long I have been searching for the perfect backup solution. Specifically, one that allows me to do easy off-site backups.

Mozy now has a Mac version (they also have a Windows version) and I installed it last night. They offer 2GB of space for free, unlimited bandwidth, and it is all encrypted (448-bit Blowfish). Every hour, their software checks my computer and uploads any changes I have made to their servers. I also have a daily backup scheduled at 1am, just to be safe.

Since my iTunes and iPhoto libaries cannot fit on the 2GB space Mozy gives for free, I am not backing them up, which is ok at the moment since I do manual backups of those. However, my entire Documents folder, e-mail, address book, iCal, Firefox bookmarks, etc. are all backed up. Even files that are open or locked are backed up!

It is refreshing to know that some of my most important data is backed up off-site. If I ever wanted, just $4.95 a month will get me unlimited disk space as well on Mozy. It is something I am thinking about, although backing up all of my music and photos will probably take a couple of days.

Of course, I still have my nightly SuperDuper! backup to my external hard drive in addition to an occasional DVD backup that I take off-site.

For the first time, I am feeling more confident that during a major disaster, my data is safe. Try out Mozy so you can make sure at least some of your data is safe.

2 thoughts on “Off-site backups with Mozy

  1. I did briefly look at JungleDisk, but it looks like for the amount of data I have (~50GB), Mozy would be a better deal if I ever decided to back up all of it off-site.

    Right now, I am just using the free 2GB option for Mozy. That seems to be working well, so I don’t see a need to go with JungleDisk.

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