Goodbye DRM

So Apple now has high quality DRM-free music on iTunes (for just EMI labels at the moment, but that should change quickly). I went right away to see what songs I had purchased are eligible to be upgraded for $0.30 apiece.

Only 4 songs (and 2 of those are songs Katie bought that I wouldn’t be caught dead listening to) were eligible. So I upgraded those songs and then purchased an album I have wanted, but never got around to buying (Coldplay’s Parachutes). The whole process is painless and now I have an extremely high quality copy that is DRM-free.

I am almost decided that future album purchases will be on iTunes (if the iTunes Plus version of the album is offered). I don’t remember the last time I played a physical CD since I instantly rip CD’s these days and store them afterwards. Why deal with that hassle anymore? As Mark Cuban wrote a few days ago, we aren’t too far away from CD’s becoming extinct.

Now I just have to get an off-site backup strategy together.