iPhone Guided Tour

This guided tour make me want an iPhone. NOW.

Unfortunately due to that thing called money (thanks to an upcoming wedding, honeymoon, etc.), I probably won’t get one until 2008. At least by then, the price may drop and stuff like 3G wireless added.

When was the last time you saw any cell phone manufacturer or provider do a video showing you the various functions of a phone? Never? Well, that is because the phone interfaces are complete jokes.

The iPhone’s interface is the most revolutionary UI in the history of a consumer product.

If I could buy only the TV channels I wanted

It seems like being able to choose what TV Channels you pay for is back in the news again.

So it made me wonder: what TV channels would I want if I paid for them individually?

So I decided to make a list. Key factors: I would only select HDTV channels, unless there is no HD version of the channel.

  1. CBS
  2. NBC
  3. ABC
  4. FOX
  5. NESN
  6. Fox Sports New England
  7. ESPN
  8. ESPN2
  9. Food Network
  10. Travel Channel
  11. HGTV
  12. MSNBC
  13. Discovery Channel HD
  14. National Geographic

By my count, that is 14 channels. If it were $3 per channel, you are talking about $42 a month, which is about $20 cheaper then what I pay right now.

Well worth the discount, since I don’t remember the last time I watched something outside of those channels.

LogMeIn.com offers Mac support

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to remote control your Mac (or PC for that case) from any Internet connection? Try out LogMeIn.com. Fantastic service, secure, it is free, and works great.

I have mine setup to remote into my home Mac and my family’s computers.

Only downside is now I can’t use the “oh, I will have to take care of it when I am visiting” excuse when someone has a computer problem…

Simmons says the NBA playoffs need to be fixed

Bill Simmons just wrote an article saying the NBA Playoffs need to be fixed. Very interesting points, but I would go further.

I don’t remember the last time I watched the playoffs from the first game to the last, regardless of who was playing. I haven’t watched a game in this season’s NBA finals (or conference finals for that matter) this season. In fact, I didn’t even watch LeBron’s 48-point performance.

You know why I am not watching the NBA Finals? The fact it is mid-June and basketball is STILL playing. It has been 3 months since March Madness. Baseball is basically at the halfway point of their season and the NBA is STILL playing.

You want to fix the NBA playoffs? Shorten the length of the regular season, cut the number of teams that make the playoffs, and if needed, lower at least the first series to 5 games. April is the perfect time to end the NBA playoffs, NOT June. If the Cavs weren’t going to be swept, this thing could stretch to almost July!

Then maybe I will care. Instead, I will just watch the Red Sox.

One of those days

My softball team had its first game in two weeks and it showed. We got absolutely destroyed (I don’t even know what the score was). Way too many errors.

On how I did, I went 1-2 with a hard single to left and a hard line drive to center field that resulted in a spectacular diving catch by the center fielder. I also got on base via a fielder’s choice.

Didn’t feel particular comfortable at the plate, even though I had good contact on two pitches. That’s what happens when you don’t play for two weeks. 

Safari 3.0 Beta released

I have tried out the Safari 3.0 beta at work (a PC running Windows XP) and at home (a Macbook running OS X). I am pretty impressed with how much faster Safari loads pages. The new find feature is fantastic and big improvement over Firefox’s version of the feature.On the Windows side of things, I am impressed although it is clearly beta (it seemed very buggy and had some minor quirks, like taking up 400MB of memory). So for the next few days at least, I am going to try to stick with Safari 3.0 Beta on my Macbook and see how it runs. So far I am pretty happy with how it is running. At least on the Mac side of things, it doesn’t seem like a beta product.Minor annoyance: The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress has some bugs with the new Safari, like not being able to create links. However, some of the buttons do work, which is an improvement over nothing working in Safari 2.

Site security

I have been working all day on making sure this web site is safe after that DreamHost security break-in. Many other people have also been hit by this.

As far as I can tell, my site did not have any of the spam links inserted into my web pages. This suggests I am part of the group who had their FTP password stolen, but nothing changed.

However, I am now extremely paranoid.

A list of what I have done so far:

  • Changed all of my passwords on this site and dreamhost (that means dreamhost panel, ftp, wordpress, mysql, etc.). I may decided to generate completely random passwords that are all different for each component.
  • Completely deleted every file on my web site (after a backup of course). I have downloaded a completely fresh copy of WordPress and just installed it.
  • I have switched to the default WordPress theme for the time being, until I can comb through the code on my old theme to make sure it is safe.
  • I will check all of my plugins, download the latest versions of them, and install the new versions.

Remember WordPress users (and I am sure other web site software suffers from the same problem), your mysql password is kept in the wp-config.php file. I highly recommend you change your MySQL password.

In fact, I highly recommend that ALL DreamHost customers change their passwords. I wonder if the initial count of 3,500 accounts compromised could be low.

What a mess. I hope DreamHost figures out how this happened.