iPhone Guided Tour

This guided tour make me want an iPhone. NOW. Unfortunately due to that thing called money (thanks to an upcoming wedding, honeymoon, etc.), I probably won’t get one until 2008. At least by then, the price may drop and stuff like 3G wireless added. When was the last time you saw any cell phone manufacturer […]

LogMeIn.com offers Mac support

Ever wanted a quick and easy way to remote control your Mac (or PC for that case) from any Internet connection? Try out LogMeIn.com. Fantastic service, secure, it is free, and works great. I have mine setup to remote into my home Mac and my family’s computers. Only downside is now I can’t use the […]

One of those days

My softball team had its first game in two weeks and it showed. We got absolutely destroyed (I don’t even know what the score was). Way too many errors. On how I did, I went 1-2 with a hard single to left and a hard line drive to center field that resulted in a spectacular […]

Site security

I have been working all day on making sure this web site is safe after that DreamHost security break-in. Many other people have also been hit by this. As far as I can tell, my site did not have any of the spam links inserted into my web pages. This suggests I am part of […]