Safari 3.0 Beta released

I have tried out the Safari 3.0 beta at work (a PC running Windows XP) and at home (a Macbook running OS X). I am pretty impressed with how much faster Safari loads pages. The new find feature is fantastic and big improvement over Firefox’s version of the feature.On the Windows side of things, I am impressed although it is clearly beta (it seemed very buggy and had some minor quirks, like taking up 400MB of memory).┬áSo for the next few days at least, I am going to try to stick with Safari 3.0 Beta on my Macbook and see how it runs. So far I am pretty happy with how it is running. At least on the Mac side of things, it doesn’t seem like a beta product.Minor annoyance: The WYSIWYG editor in WordPress has some bugs with the new Safari, like not being able to create links. However, some of the buttons do work, which is an improvement over nothing working in Safari 2.

One thought on “Safari 3.0 Beta released

  1. I noticed the same link thing in WordPress, so you’re not alone. I also encountered issues switching back and forth between code and visual view … all the paragraphs would combine into one. And yeah, this is on a MacBook as well.

    I do think Safari 3.0 runs faster but if I can’t update my blog through it I don’t think I can use it much.

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