Simmons says the NBA playoffs need to be fixed

Bill Simmons just wrote an article saying the NBA Playoffs need to be fixed. Very interesting points, but I would go further.

I don’t remember the last time I watched the playoffs from the first game to the last, regardless of who was playing. I haven’t watched a game in this season’s NBA finals (or conference finals for that matter) this season. In fact, I didn’t even watch LeBron’s 48-point performance.

You know why I am not watching the NBA Finals? The fact it is mid-June and basketball is STILL playing. It has been 3 months since March Madness. Baseball is basically at the halfway point of their season and the NBA is STILL playing.

You want to fix the NBA playoffs? Shorten the length of the regular season, cut the number of teams that make the playoffs, and if needed, lower at least the first series to 5 games. April is the perfect time to end the NBA playoffs, NOT June. If the Cavs weren’t going to be swept, this thing could stretch to almost July!

Then maybe I will care. Instead, I will just watch the Red Sox.