There is a limit now

I learned an important lesson today. About a week ago, a person I know asked me where they could get antivirus protection for free on their computer. Due to budget constraints, they weren’t willing to buy any of the common antivirus products. Being the type of person I am (always trying to help those with […]

Some HD rants

Just a few HD rants to share with you: Not making the effort in the little places: NESN outside of ESPN probably is the best HD sports channel in the country. Every Red Sox and Bruins game in HD, plus lots of other programming in HD. Yet it is common for it to use NESN […]

One little thing = bad swing

I had been in a little slump at the plate the past for past couple of games, which is pretty hard to do when your playing slow pitch softball in a coed league. I kept dropping my right shoulder when swinging the back, which mean a lot of weak contact and pop-ups (ie: I was […]

How can you get charged up about this?

So I am watching the home run derby on TV (well, the pre-derby show if that makes sense). The Counting Crows are doing a little 1 song performance. One thing you notice having a HDTV is that it is really easy to figure out when there is no energy in a live music performance. It […]

Inching closer

Katie and I have spent the weekend printing invitations (which were designed by my brother, Justin Gonyea, and are absolutely fantastic) and stuffing envelopes. 50 are complete done so far. We have 9 invitations left to do, but ran into a small catch…the post office sold us 6 books of stamps, but we only got […]

Countdown Special Comment

What I tried to write yesterday pails in comparison to what Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment was tonight. In essence: that President Bush & Vice President Cheney should resign. No matter your political affiliation, I hope you spend a couple minutes and watch this video.