Can never turn down a visit to Fenway Park

If there was a cathedral for baseball, Fenway Park would be it. According to my mom, the first time I visited Fenway Park (around 1992), I walked up those steps from one of the gates into the park and was greeting with the Green Monster directly in front of me. Probably the longest deep breath of my life to take it all in (my mom claims it was the cutest thing she has ever seen me do) and I was off to find my seat.

There is nothing like going to Fenway, on a beautiful day, and watching a ball game. Sure it isn’t the most modern park (95-years-old) and sometimes it can drive you insane, but there is no better place to enjoy a game. It makes you feel like a kid again.

I had a first yesterday and got to watch a Red Sox game from a luxury box, for free (thanks to a vendor I order from often for my job). The food was fantastic, it was an absolutely gorgeous evening, we had a great group of people we sat with, and it was a really good, sit on your edge of your seat type game.

A couple great things about us Red Sox fans. The person singing the national anthem was having some trouble getting through it, so the entire crowd at once (almost like it was planned) just started belting out the last half of the national anthem together, as if 36,000 people had been singing together forever. It gave all of us goosebumps and was really awesome.

Then of course, there was the 8th inning rendition of “Sweet Caroline”. Another bunch of goose bumps, this time from a now drunk 36,000 person crowd attempting to be in the ballpark of the same key. Even though we all sang horrible, it was insane to listen to. The umpire just waited for the song to end before starting the game up, it was so much fun.

The Sox lost, but Katie and I had a blast. Nothing like Fenway.