Keep track of your car's mileage

A neat site I have run across in the past week is My Mile Marker, who’s purpose is real simple: keeping track of your car’s mileage, MPG, annual costs, and so on.

It works brilliantly if you fill your cars tank every-time you get gas, you write down your car’s mileage when you fill the tank, and you remember to input the data into My Mile Marker.

With a week’s worth of tracking, I have found out I get 26.2 miles per gallon on my 2002 Subaru Forester, which is actually above the government gas mileage standards for my car. This is including lots of highway miles, a little city driving, plus some classic side road driving (lots of hills and turns at 30-40 mph speeds).

Granted, I have been practicing some fuel saving techniques to keep my MPG up. For example, I drive mostly on the highway in my car, which means less stop/go traffic which automatically means higher mileage. I also drive between 60-65 mph on the highway, which is much more efficient then driving even 70 mph. I also use cruise control extensively, which really helps with mileage.

It will be interesting to see how my car does over the next month. I am going to attempt to keep track of each fill-up.

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