Why I will love this country despite the fools who run it

I tend to shy away from politics on this blog, as there is enough ranting and raving blogs on the Internet. My voice would be very similar if not the same as every other blog…what thoughts would I provide that no one else has thought of before? I learned a few years ago that blogging required careful reflection to write something unique that could resonate with people. Endless venting (even when warranted) does not build an audience.

However, recent events has made me decide to start blogging about politics. With elections coming up within the next year and a half, this country needs all of the help it can get. I have decided that I will blog about politics only if I have a unique voice or story to add to the discussion. If I am just going to rant on the latest blunder of the day by a politican, I will skip posting it.

Anyways, onto my first political post in a very long time.

I will never forget what I was told when I was part of the Close-Up program back in December 1998, when I was a junior in high school. We were having a discussion with the staff member who was assigned to our group about the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.

This person, who was probably in his 50s or 60s, all the sudden got really quiet and started saying something that I would never forget. The exact quote escapes me, but I decided to rewrite what I remember below. It isn’t a perfect word-for-word quote, but it captures the essence of what this person told a group of high school students.

“Yes there are other countries that for hold our same regard for human rights, for democracy, for freedom of speech, for freedom of religion, and so on. However, these countries all look up to us, the United States, because we are the last hope for this world. The main reason why democracy has succeeded and we remain free is because we have that “American Dream” and the power to hold onto that dream.

“It is why we succeeded when the Nazi’s and then the Soviet’s threatened the world. Because we were that beacon of hope, other countries and their people rallied behind us. We aren’t afraid to speak out against inequality or injustice. Without the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, we are just another country. The day we tear those up is the day that we lose the rest of the world. As an ambassador for a major European country once told me, if we lose the United States’ moral compass, then all hope is lost for mankind.”

During the past few years, all of the lies and failings of the Bush Administration kept me thinking about what this person told me nearly 9 years ago at Close-Up. One by one, the freedoms and moral authority this country had are slowly being chipped away, one by one.

Now when something like the President pardoning Libby, it just saddens me beyond belief and makes me angrier by the minute. This man who claims to be our president has effectively voided his power today. He simply does not care what the law says or what the traditions of this country demand he do. He does what he damn wants.

I will never acknowledge George W. Bush as the President of this country. At this point forward, I consider us a leaderless country in crisis. But the thoughts of one little blogger will not change things. Those who read this post are most likely those who already agree with me…those who don’t are most likely will just move on, in their own state of denial, just because “their president” is some resemblance of a person who shares their views.

January 20th, 2009 cannot come soon enough. I will never lose hope that we will one day have a President who rightly returns to this country’s strong roots and traditions.

I hope someday we will have a country that returns to being the “last hope” for the world. Right now, we have forfeited that title.