Never doubt Apple's ability to counter-punch

CNET said it perfectly: When it comes to public relations battles, Apple is a devastating counter-puncher. NBC just learned the hard way. Late last night, NBC leaked that it would not renew its TV show contract with iTunes. Supposedly, NBC was not satisfied by the financial terms Apple was offering. Nevermind the fact that it […]

Update on cruise

Looks like Belize, Cozumel, and Grand Cayman all survived Hurricane Dean with minimal damage. All of them should start seeing cruise ships again in the next couple of days. Costa Maya is another story. Early reports suggest that the port’s dock is wrecked and there was extensive flooding. Doubt any cruise ship will go there […]

Hurricane Watch

As some of you know, I will be getting married in a few weeks and going on a honeymoon. The honeymoon’s destinations? Grand Cayman, Cozumel (Mexico), Costa Maya (Mexico), and Belize. All of which are either getting directly hit or slightly “missed” by Hurricane Dean. Last I heard, Grand Cayman got a big break with […]

John Lennon's music is now on iTunes

Just noticed that John Lennon’s music is now on iTunes. Not only that, it is 256kbps DRM-free copies too! iTunes Plus is really making me buy more music. 5 seconds later, I bought the Lennon Legend “greatest hits” album. Now I finally can listen to “Imagine” and his other classics.

So it continues

So far, my new car insurance company seems to be doing a good job with my key scratch claim. They sent someone out today to take a look at my car (take photos, write up an estimate, etc.). Even though I have a low deductible for this type of claim (also there is no rate […]