releases MP3 Download store has finally released its MP3 Download store.

A few cool things:

  • It appears that there is a healthy dose of EMI, Universal, and indie albums.
  • Most songs are $0.99 apiece (with the top 100 songs $0.89 apiece).
  • Most albums are $9.99 apiece (with top 100 albums $8.99 apiece)
  • All files are 256kbps MP3 VBR files and DRM-free
  • Amazon uses special software called MP3 Downloader that allows you to download songs and have them automatically added to your media player. Even works on Macs and a Linux version is being developed.

So far, I have bought 2 songs and it has worked flawlessly. Very good execution. I hope iTunes reduces the prices of iTunes Plus to compete (isn’t competition grand?).