No IMAP on Gmail still

I was so excited last week when Gmail added IMAP to its features list. I rushed to check if my account had it. Given that I had my Gmail account practically from the start, I hoped that meant I would be among the first to get IMAP.

Still waiting almost a week later.

Anyone else still waiting for IMAP access?

Nothing better then this

After last night, I can’t keep the thought out of my head.

How long is this going to last?

Just 7 years ago, the Boston sports scene was completely different. The Red Sox had a disastrous 2001 season, which resulted in season ending injuries to Pedro and Nomar, Jimy Williams being fired and somehow replaced by a manager who did an even more horrible job, a GM who simply couldn’t handle people or build a complete team, and an ownership who just didn’t care. The Patriots were entering just year 2 of the Belichick era, had just lost Drew Bledsoe to injury, and were starting a 6th round pick Tom Brady that no one had even heard of. Rick Pitino resigned as head coach after completely destroying the Celtics with his ego. The Bruins won their first regular season title, but lost in the 1st round to the Canadians in 6 games.

7 years later?

The Patriots pulled off one of the best ever underdog performances in the 2002 Super Bowl, then went on to win championships in 2004 and 2005. They made the playoffs in 2006, nearly pulled off another Super Bowl appearance in 2007, and are now absolutely destroying their competition as they head to the 2008 Super Bowl. They have the best coaching staff, best offense, best defense, and best ownership. Oh yeah, the fans are among the best and most loyal in football as well.

The Red Sox were bought by new owners who knew exactly what needed to be done to make the team capable of catching the Yankees. They completely revamped the team’s finances, improve Fenway Park every season to squeeze every last cent out of a 95-year-old ballpark, hired the best GM in baseball, hire one of the best coaches in baseball, and make some of the best moves in the history of the game (Ortiz is exhibit A on this). Meanwhile the team was one pitching change away from the world series in 2003, won the World Series in 2004, was retooled in 2005 and 2006, and won the World Series in 2007 with a young core of players and a group of excellent veterans that look like the perfect compliment to each other.

The Celtics had some limited success in the first few seasons of the 21st century, but quickly fell apart amid countless rebuilding plans. Yet in the end, all of the pain and suffering could be worth it. The Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen trades brings us a new Big 3 and the closest chance this team will have at winning a championship in the next decade. Even if they don’t win, it should be entertaining to watch, which is something you couldn’t say about the team since the early 90s.

Finally there is the Bruins…well, no town is perfect. Moving along…

Last night was truly special though for Red Sox fans. For the first 22-years of my life, I never had hope of a championship for the Red Sox. Now within 4 years, I have witnessed 2 championships. You can’t get any better then that.

I am never more proud to be a sports fan then I am today.

First Impressions with Leopard

Here are a few first impressions on my experience of upgrading to OS X 10.5 Leopard:

  • Make sure you do proper backups before upgrading. I cannot stress this enough.
  • I did an erase and install. I hadn’t reinstalled OS X since I got my Macbook and just decided it was as good as time as any to do it.
  • Did I mention that Apple doesn’t assume you are a thief? No serial code and no product activation. Breath of fresh air for sure.
  • Installation on my 1st Generation Macbook took ~40 minutes.
  • My Macbook definitely is a little faster, especially when I have several applications open and doing stuff in the background.
  • The iTunes Artwork screensaver now works with album art downloaded from the iTunes Store.
  • Any VBR AAC file encoded in Leopard now shows its real bitrate in iTunes.
  • According to Hydrogenaudio, the AAC encoder also has sound quality improvements.
  • Web Clip in Safari is going to get a workout.
  • I am really digging Coverflow in the Finder. Makes me wish someone made a Windows version of it, I can picture my work using it.
  • Speaking of the Finder, it is faster, beautiful, and much more functional.
  • Time Machine is great. After the initial backup, the only time I have even noticed it was when I happened to look at my external hard drive and saw the disk activity light on. I think the “gimmick” UI actually makes more people want to use it, as it is quiet beautiful. It is simply as easy as backup can get. Try restoring a photo from your iPhoto library, it will take your breath away. Volume Shadow Copy in Vista cannot compare.
  • Leopard seems very stable. No crashes or any noticeable first version bugs. Apple definitely did a lot of polishing work on it.
  • I’m liking Spotlight much better this time around. Faster and you can do boolean searches.
  • Grammar checking is a joke so far. If I can even get a sentence to show the green underline, I haven’t got it to offer suggestions on how to fix it yet.
  • I highly recommend this upgrade for Mac users.

    For another perspective, Leo Laporte (of TWIT and TechTV fame) has a good first impressions review.

Some recent albums I recommend

Here a couple recent albums I really recommend to all of you. Recently I have only been buying music from iTunes Plus or MP3 Store, so I will include direct links to these albums for your purchase whenever possible so you can enjoy high quality DRM-free music the way it is supposed to be.

  • Foo Fighters: Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace – A really good album that is good from start to finish. I find myself listening to it often on the way to/from work, as it is a great cruising in the car album. I think it is their most complete album in the 21st century so far.
    DRM Free: CD
  • Thrice: The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II Fire & Water – I have a weak spot for concept albums, especially those done really well. Few bands can pull off what Thrice has done here…going from straight out balls to the wall hardcore punk for 6 songs then to some type of watery electronica-type sound for the next 6 songs. Fantastic album.
    DRM Free: Amazon MP3 Store
  • Jimmy Eat World: Chase This Light – I have only listened to this album once, but it is classic Jimmy Eat World and I cannot recommend it enough. Better then their last album for sure.
    DRM Free: Amazon MP3 Store

People are surprised about Manny?

Apparently Manny said he doesn’t care if the Red Sox don’t win tomorrow.

I don’t know which is more shocking, that Manny talked to the media or that the media actually takes his comments seriously.

Here is a hint for the media: Manny doesn’t care. He never cares and no amount of complaining will change that. So don’t make a sensational story out of this.

All he cares about is hitting. That is it. The rest is a bonus.

Dear TBS

I get the hint. You want us to watch FrankTV. Just in case we miss the commercial, you have kindly decided to play it every freaking’ commercial break, at least once with a few 2 times sprinkled in (heck, I am sure you threw a three-peat in there somewhere). Since this isn’t nearly enough, you decided to have the baseball announcers pretend to be really excited as they pimp the show during the game.

On behalf of baseball fans across the country, I just want to say one thing.

We. Don’t. Care. About. Frank. TV.

End of story.

Who was in my car last night?

I generally think of where I live as very safe. I live in a condo complex and never really heard of any break-ins of any kind. It is just far enough from the bad parts of Manchester that I don’t really think twice about crime.

Until this morning.

At 8:30am I walked out to my carport, ready to go to work. As I got closer to my car, I suddenly noticed that my driver’s side door was slightly open. I ran over to the car and noticed my driver’s seat tilted back all of the way. I knew instantly what happened.

My car was broken into.

It didn’t even take a second to realize that my stereo (and its iPod adapter) was gone. Ripped right out of the center console. Everything in my glove compartment thrown around my car. The lock on the drivers side was dangling by a wire, the lock on the passenger side completely gone, with just a hole remaining. The jerks even took my gym bag (I assume to carry the stereo) and in a moment of kindness, left my gym clothes on the seat.

I made the required calls to the insurance company and the police. Since I knew someone at my insurance company, that part was handled easily.

Manchester Police didn’t even care one bit. I was told there were 15 other car break-ins last night and this was just one more to add to the list. They didn’t even send out an officer to look at the car and fingerprint it. Nothing. I am sure glad my taxes are working well to keep the crime off the streets.

Not happy.