iPhone controversy thoughts

I find it amusing all of the controversy regarding the recent iPhone update (disclaimer: I do not own one at this time). People bought the phone knowing it did not have third-party application support and it could not be unlocked. That doesn’t mean that when hackers figure out how to add these things that Apple has to support them. Which is what happened, Apple simply broke these hacks with the 1.1.1 update. Apple has no obligation to support these hacks.

Now I do agree that Apple should have had third-party application support with the iPhone the second it was released. As the iPhone development community has shown, the iPhone has a huge amount of untapped potential. I definitely believe in the near future Apple will have third-party application support, the key though is you will be able to purchase the applications cheaply via the iTunes Store. I doubt there will ever be a way to download the applications for free. It just makes too much sense for them not to use the iTunes Store. They do it with ringtones, music, etc…why not applications?

As for the unlocked phone controversy, Apple probably had no option except to promise AT&T they will break any unlock hacks. It is too bad, but it is the price you have to pay in the cell phone industry.

I am still planning to buy an iPhone late next year when my Verizon contract is done.