No IMAP on Gmail still

I was so excited last week when Gmail added IMAP to its features list. I rushed to check if my account had it. Given that I had my Gmail account practically from the start, I hoped that meant I would be among the first to get IMAP.

Still waiting almost a week later.

Anyone else still waiting for IMAP access?

4 thoughts on “No IMAP on Gmail still

  1. I just checked and my account actually has it … and it didn’t when I read your first post about it (I’ve had Gmail since ’04). Hope you get it soon!

  2. I’ve also been using gmail since ’04 and no IMAP still…. my girlfriend has it, my paid account has it, but my primary (free) email doesn’t.

    google give me IMAP pleeeease

    so.. i feel your pain

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