Who was in my car last night?

I generally think of where I live as very safe. I live in a condo complex and never really heard of any break-ins of any kind. It is just far enough from the bad parts of Manchester that I don’t really think twice about crime.

Until this morning.

At 8:30am I walked out to my carport, ready to go to work. As I got closer to my car, I suddenly noticed that my driver’s side door was slightly open. I ran over to the car and noticed my driver’s seat tilted back all of the way. I knew instantly what happened.

My car was broken into.

It didn’t even take a second to realize that my stereo (and its iPod adapter) was gone. Ripped right out of the center console. Everything in my glove compartment thrown around my car. The lock on the drivers side was dangling by a wire, the lock on the passenger side completely gone, with just a hole remaining. The jerks even took my gym bag (I assume to carry the stereo) and in a moment of kindness, left my gym clothes on the seat.

I made the required calls to the insurance company and the police. Since I knew someone at my insurance company, that part was handled easily.

Manchester Police didn’t even care one bit. I was told there were 15 other car break-ins last night and this was just one more to add to the list. They didn’t even send out an officer to look at the car and fingerprint it. Nothing. I am sure glad my taxes are working well to keep the crime off the streets.

Not happy.

3 thoughts on “Who was in my car last night?

  1. I know, I even left the car untouched until I got ahold of the police, so they could look at it. But they didn’t even care.

    They wonder why crime has increased in Manchester, NH. I can tell you why, they don’t do a sliver of detective work to preemptively stop the next crime.

    I’m going to write letters to the usual suspects (police chief, mayor, media), but I have no hope at this point. Makes me long for the days of small town life, where I know the cops and could leave my car unlocked (which I never did, but could easily have) without worrying about it.

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