Break out the soldering iron

In Jaunary 2006 I bought a used 2002 Subaru Forester after my 2000 Saturn SL1 was “totaled” (ie: the damage was more then the car was worth, it easily could have been repaired if the insurance company wanted to) when rear ended.

Just months after I bought the car, the overhead clock stopped working. It is something from time to time I would wonder about, but never got around to fixing it. When I got an aftermarket stereo installed in my car, I just setup the display on it to show the clock.

Fast forward a year and a half…yesterday I happened to think about the broken clock when I was on the computer and decided to do a Google search just to see what would come up. I was thinking I could find a used clock or something for a cheap price.

Instead I find a forum post on the Subaru Forester Owners Forum (which surprised me that such a forum existed). In the forum post, it describes that the actual problem with the clock is a poor soldering job by Subaru (or really, the cheap factory in China or whatever it was made) on one or more chips on the clock’s circuit board. Many of the forums members apparently added some solder to fix the poor soldering job and the clocks started working again!

So I went to Radio Shack, bought a cheap soldering iron and some solder, figured out how to take the clock out of the overhead display, and went to work.

What do you know, it works now! And since I also got a car stereo back into my car today 1 month after my car was broken into and the previous stereo stolen, I instantly solved two big problems: the broken clock and no stereo.