With the Patriots winning last night, we have a perfect regular season. Never thought I would see one of those. The game was a very good game and I have to give the Giants props, they fought very hard before folding at the end. Given that both teams could have easily sat their starters at […]

I have joined the text messaging craze, kicking and screaming

I detest sending/receiving text messages (well, at least on my current cell phone). They are a complete rip off, not to mention I cannot stand typing on normal cell phone keyboards. Watching my brother Dan send a text message reminds me of the reaction I got in middle school from my friends when typing on […]

Still can't find a theme

You would imagine with how many WordPress themes out there, there would be one that would fit my vision of this site perfectly (or close enough I can tweak it). Nope. At least not yet. I have never been much of a coder, which explains why I keep starting to work on a redesign and […]

Well, the first try didn't work well

As one of my Christmas gifts to my wife, I bought her a Netflix subscription. I started her at the 1 DVD at a time plan ($8.99 a month) so I could see how much she uses it and likes it without breaking the bank. She absolutely loved the gift. The downside to starting at […]

Firefox 3 Beta 2 released

For the first time in history, I am actually enjoying using Firefox on Macs. Firefox 3 Beta 2 has been released and works fantastically on my Mac (as well as my Windows computer at work). In fact, for the first time in a long time, I think I officially will use Firefox as my web […]

A snowy commute

When I decided to take my current job in Concord in April 2006, I knew that during the winter it had the potential of some real nasty commutes. For those of you who don’t know, the stretch of I-93 between Manchester and Concord can be quiet bad during the winter. Especially with the idiots who […]