A snowy commute

When I decided to take my current job in Concord in April 2006, I knew that during the winter it had the potential of some real nasty commutes. For those of you who don’t know, the stretch of I-93 between Manchester and Concord can be quiet bad during the winter. Especially with the idiots who go 50 when it is a blizzard outside!

I lucked out last winter, with only a few bad commutes due to the insanely late start to winter (it was 70 degrees in January 2007). So by the time the bad weather came in February, March, and unfortunately April, there was actually some light during on my commute home (5:00-5:30 PM). Light always makes driving in bad weather easier.

Tonight was my first truly awful commute home (I have already had some awfully icy commutes to work the past week or two). We had quite the little snow storm, which dumped a good 6 inches or so of snow in a very short period of time, with the heaviest snow during my commute home. Plus it was pitch black out…no natural light to assist with seeing the road.

Once again, I am so glad to have my Subaru Forester. Although I wish I had better tires, this thing has been a tank going through the poor weather we have had the past few weeks. Going 20-25 mph on absolutely snow covered highway with very poor visibility and poor light, I was able to feel pretty secure and safe despite the horrible conditions. The car didn’t slip once. In fact, the only time I was worried was when the idiots passed me going way faster. I even had several occasions where people drove what was the breakdown lane to pass me. What are they thinking? Either case, no one hit me and later on I saw some cars off the road…I am sure at least one of them belonged to the idiots who passed me earlier.

I must say, I much rather drive through snow then ice. At least you can see the snow in the dark.