Mac Tip – Grouping applications into stacks

One of the new features in OS X Leopard that has lots of potential is Stacks. Here is a neat way to create several stacks for various groups of applications.

  1. Create a folder named ‘Stacks’ in your home directory
  2. Create aliases for several applications you want to group and put it in a sub-folder within your ‘Stacks’ folder. For example, create aliases for all of the iLife apps and put them in an ‘iLife’ folder underneath the ‘Stacks’ folder you created.
  3. Simply drag the ‘iLife’ folder into your dock.
  4. Now you have a stack grouping all of your iLife apps together! You can then remove the individual dock icons for these apps, as they are no longer need. Instantly more dock space!
  5. You can then right-click the stack and set several options, including making the stack use grid mode (which I prefer over the fan).

You can easily create several stacks to organize your various applications, making them easy to find. For those of you who have dozens of applications you use regularly, this is really nice.