Planned tech purchases in 2008

I think these are going to be my tech purchases in 2008:

  1. iPhone – #1 on my list for a reason…it is the first cell phone that is easy and fun to use, while syncing without issues on Macs. Now for the bad news: gotta wait until December 28, 2008, as I am under contract with Verizon Wireless until that date. Hopefully by then the iPhone will have a memory increase or two, plus 3G wireless.
  2. HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One printer – My current all-in-one printer is alright, but it is starting to have issues to say the least (like saying my black cartridge is a red cartridge every other printing job, requiring a printer restart). This printer from HP sounds really good and replacement ink might be even be a reasonable price for a change. The option for wireless or ethernet printing/scanning absolutely rocks…I can move the printer to another spot in the room and free up space on my desk. Plus it helps when I am using the Macbook on the couch or on the kitchen table.
  3. Apple Airport Extreme router – If Time Machine ever gets official support for backing up to AirDisk connected hard drives, I will buy one of these routers as that feature will rock for laptop users like myself.
  4. Laptop hard drive –  I really need to upgrade the size of the hard drive on my Macbook. The new 320GB laptop hard drives sound about right.
  5. Large external hard drive – I am thinking that if I get #3 above, I will need a very large external hard drive for backups and other data. Something like a 1TB hard drive will work and provide plenty of space for future uses.

How many of these are realistic? #1 is definitely happening barring a financial disaster this year. Given how my all-in-one printer is acting, #2 is probably going to happen at some point.

The others? Probably more “wish list” type items, unless I get a major raise or something.