It has been one week

Well it has been one week since…that truly awful day…when my cousin Jen… It is odd how grief works. I will be going along, joking around or having fun, and then that little sliver of a memory will be somehow be remembered and instantly I am saddened again. Whenever one of those memories pops into […]

It has been rough

The past few days have been really rough with my cousin tragically passing away. Being her cousin as well as a classmate of mine in high school, naturally we would have many of the same friends, especially in a class of 39 people (yes, that is no typo). So it has been my duty to […]

May angels lead you in

I lost one of my cousins today. We went to high school together and were really close. I don’t know why she decided to leave us, but I hope she is in a better place. She deserves it. I just wish it wasn’t so soon. R.I.P. Hug someone you love tonight. You never know when […]

Playstation 3

Yep. I bought one today. A Playstation 3. Absolutely love it as a game system. Not to mention, it works very well asĀ  DVD and Blu-Ray player. Watch Apple release a game system tomorrow or the Apple TV I have always wanted.

Apple TV 2.0?

In my previous post, I wrote about my dilemma since my lone DVD player (not counting my Macbook) has died. I had three options: Buy an el cheapo upconverting DVD Player. Buy a $100-$200 very good upconverting DVD player. Splurge and get a Playstation 3, complete with Blu-Ray. I have another option to add to […]

DVD player has died

So my old DVD player (a cheap $30 Wal-Mart model) that I have had since 2000 has officially died. Well, to be honest, I could still watch movies if I put up with it skipping and making clicking noises every few seconds on several perfect condition DVD’s. My first instinct is to go buy an […]