It has been one week

Well it has been one week since…that truly awful day…when my cousin Jen…

It is odd how grief works. I will be going along, joking around or having fun, and then that little sliver of a memory will be somehow be remembered and instantly I am saddened again.

Whenever one of those memories pops into my head, I can’t seem to do anything but feel empty. Wondering what the heck I could have done to stop this awful event from happening, to roll back the clock and to give her a second chance. I am sure any friend or relative feels this way. You think that one phone call or e-mail could have changed her mind, if only for another day or two. Anything to have her for another day or two. Just a little more time to fix things up. Maybe it would have made a difference, maybe not.

But I then remember she is looking down over us know, I know it. Happy once again. And that makes me feel better. She has a purpose up there and I know she is doing one heck of a job.

But I still miss her.

It has been rough

The past few days have been really rough with my cousin tragically passing away. Being her cousin as well as a classmate of mine in high school, naturally we would have many of the same friends, especially in a class of 39 people (yes, that is no typo). So it has been my duty to get ahold of all the old friends and inform them of what happened.

The messages I have been getting from everyone have been absolutely wonderful and comforting. It looks like many will come to the wake tomorrow. It will be good to see everyone…that is what friends are for.

I hope I never have to go through this again. It is awful having to summon the courage to inform someone that a friend or relative has passed away. It is even worse to see those same people as sad as I am right now.

It is one thing if someone’s time has come. Her’s hadn’t.

May angels lead you in

I lost one of my cousins today. We went to high school together and were really close. I don’t know why she decided to leave us, but I hope she is in a better place. She deserves it. I just wish it wasn’t so soon.


Hug someone you love tonight. You never know when they will be gone.

Playstation 3

Yep. I bought one today. A Playstation 3.

Absolutely love it as a game system. Not to mention, it works very well asĀ  DVD and Blu-Ray player.

Watch Apple release a game system tomorrow or the Apple TV I have always wanted.

Apple TV 2.0?

In my previous post, I wrote about my dilemma since my lone DVD player (not counting my Macbook) has died. I had three options:

  1. Buy an el cheapo upconverting DVD Player.
  2. Buy a $100-$200 very good upconverting DVD player.
  3. Splurge and get a Playstation 3, complete with Blu-Ray.

I have another option to add to the list: what if Apple releases AppleTV 2.0 on Monday that includes (among other upgrades) with either an upconverting DVD player or (probably a dream) a Blu-Ray player?

I would seriously consider that in a heartbeat. It essentially would be a Mac mini specifically designed as your media center for your TV. No clumsy hacks or buggy 3rd-party software involved.

So I guess I will wait until at least Monday before figuring out what I do.

DVD player has died

So my old DVD player (a cheap $30 Wal-Mart model) that I have had since 2000 has officially died. Well, to be honest, I could still watch movies if I put up with it skipping and making clicking noises every few seconds on several perfect condition DVD’s.

My first instinct is to go buy an cheap up-converting DVD player to go with my HDTV. However, what are the odds of 1) one of those doing a good job upconverting movies and 2) being good enough quality to last awhile?

So I think if I am going to spend money on this, I need to buy a good up-converting DVD player or stretch enough to spend for a Blu-Ray player (in which case, a PlayStation 3 might be the route to go). Since all signs point to Blu-ray winning, that would be a good strategy.

A cheap upconverting DVD player can be found at the local Wal-Mart for ~$40. Of course, the odds of it doing a good job upconverting is slim and the build quality is probably suspect.

A good upconverting DVD player can go from $100-$200. The downside is it won’t be anytime soon that I go with Blu-Ray if I buy this.

If I go the Playstation 3 route for a Blu-Ray player, that is $399. The bonus on that of course is frequent firmware upgrades and the ability to play games. The downside is the cost.

I don’t know what to do!

Hello to 2008

I first would like to wish everyone a happy new year! Personally I don’t know how 2008 could top 2007 for me (getting married, a nephew being born, my sister-in-law getting married, etc.), but I’ll see what I can do for an encore.

I usually have a big list of resolutions I would like to accomplish. Instead, this year I want to limit the list to just 2:

  • Get some of my debt paid off (credit cards and if I am lucky, maybe one of my loans).
  • Work really hard on my writing and this site.

I think those are realistic goals.