Apple TV 2.0?

In my previous post, I wrote about my dilemma since my lone DVD player (not counting my Macbook) has died. I had three options:

  1. Buy an el cheapo upconverting DVD Player.
  2. Buy a $100-$200 very good upconverting DVD player.
  3. Splurge and get a Playstation 3, complete with Blu-Ray.

I have another option to add to the list: what if Apple releases AppleTV 2.0 on Monday that includes (among other upgrades) with either an upconverting DVD player or (probably a dream) a Blu-Ray player?

I would seriously consider that in a heartbeat. It essentially would be a Mac mini specifically designed as your media center for your TV. No clumsy hacks or buggy 3rd-party software involved.

So I guess I will wait until at least Monday before figuring out what I do.

One thought on “Apple TV 2.0?

  1. I too have been toying with the idea of an AppleTV. However, there’s also Mediagate ( The big difference? Mediagate is cheaper and more powerful, but the interface (and their web site) really suck. It would probably be fine for me, but my wife would hate it. 🙂

    Ultimately I want something that I can plug into my TV and copy my DVDs to, then play them back directly to the TV. Mediagate does this — with plenty of ports and support for external USB drives, among other things. Definitely worth looking in to.

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