Hello to 2008

I first would like to wish everyone a happy new year! Personally I don’t know how 2008 could top 2007 for me (getting married, a nephew being born, my sister-in-law getting married, etc.), but I’ll see what I can do for an encore.

I usually have a big list of resolutions I would like to accomplish. Instead, this year I want to limit the list to just 2:

  • Get some of my debt paid off (credit cards and if I am lucky, maybe one of my loans).
  • Work really hard on my writing and this site.

I think those are realistic goals.

2 thoughts on “Hello to 2008

  1. Happy new year, Chris!

    I think you should break those goals down more. Like, work on writing three posts a week. Or, reducing your bad debt by 50%.

    Those are definitely realistic, so all the best to knocking ’em out.:)

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