Virtual machines

A big benefit of having 250GB of hard drive space? Being able to install and enjoy using virtual machines. I just installed a trial of VMWare Fusion and plan on installing both Windows XP and Ubuntu virtual machines on my Macbook. That should help me test or use just about any software out there. I […]

Has anyone setup an automated PS3 backup?

I have been researching on how to properly backup my PS3. I found out that it is possible to backup a PS3 to an external hard drive or flash memory cards. Unfortunately this has to be done manually, which everyone knows will be rarely done.Is it possible to setup an automated backup of the PS3? […]

One comment

I tip my hat to the Giants. They pulled off one hell of a performance. This is why sports can either be great or frustrating, because nothing is set in stone and every second of the game has to pass before a winner is declared. As Patriot fans learned in 2001 against the Rams, anything […]

Super Bowl time

For the first time in a few weeks I have felt very upbeat. The Patriots are in the Super Bowl for the 4th time in 7 years. Has it already been 7 years since the famous win against the “Greatest Show on Turf”? Amazing how much has changed since then. 3 Super Bowl wins for […]