Mozilla turns 10

Back in 1998 I was a 10th grader who’s beloved web browser (Netscape) was open sourced to the Mozilla project. It was basically the first time I had heard of open source. Ever since then I have maintained a huge interest in the Mozilla project. I remember the first day I switched from Internet Explorer […]

Stupid UI Department: Printing from iPhoto to a photo paper tray

Today I bought a HP Photosmart C7280 All-in-One printer. A full review will be coming shortly, since I think this is a really great all-in-one printer, especially for Mac users. However, I need to comment on something that is driving me nuts. The C7280 comes with two printer trays: your normal one that is usually […]

2008 Fantasy Baseball team

After the past few years (getting out of school, moving in with my girlfriend, getting in engaged to my girlfriend, and of course marrying her), I finally have some free time. Well, after I figure out how to buy this place and how to stay sound financially, but yeah, I have some free time. Diving […]

Thoughts before opening day

There is nothing like opening day in baseball. You instantly feel like winter is behind you, whether or not you still have snow on the ground. You feel endless optimism as spring all the sudden starts appearing: your first week of 40+ degree temperatures, when the reports of snow remain confined to the north country […]

The roundup

Been very busy lately. Some things I have been doing on: I took today off from work to get some work done on my car. So right now I am sitting on my parents couch, relaxing. It is a nice day off so far, at least until I have to pay that car bill. Met […]

Web hosting

I am looking for a new web hosting company. My brother’s DreamHost account being hacked and charged $500 in hosting fees is my last straw with them. After many downtime issues with DreamHost this year, their infamous hack where my FTP account password was stolen, and their mass billing mistake, this is it, I am […]