2 thoughts on “A More Perfect Union

  1. I hope he becomes the next President’s speechwriter. 🙂
    Inspirational speaking is good for a guest spot on Oprah. I have big issues with Obama’s stance on economic issues. He is way too socialist and ignorant of free market economics to lead a country that, at least historically, owes its success to capitalism. No government can structure an economy better than the free market can; this has been proven time and time again throughout history. Free markets are self-cleansing (failure roots you out); government is self-perpetuating (failure gives you more budgetary dollars).
    Remember, you vote for politicians once a year. You vote for everything else in life every day, every time you spend a dollar.
    Sorry, Obama. You’re a nice guy and a fine orator. You’re not fit to lead the country at this time.

  2. We can agree to disagree 🙂 My views fall in the fiscally conserative, but socially liberal area. I do think some regulation in the markets is good (if we had good mortgage standards that everyone could understand and follow, the sub-prime crisis wouldn’t be as large as it is now). I do not agree with the government bailouts though in probably all cases.

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