The roundup

Been very busy lately. Some things I have been doing on:

  • I took today off from work to get some work done on my car. So right now I am sitting on my parents couch, relaxing. It is a nice day off so far, at least until I have to pay that car bill.
  • Met yesterday with several old friends from high school. We are beginning planning for our 10-year reunion in 2010. Beyond scary.
  • Still looking around for web hosting. Media Temple looks interesting.
  • I just discovered you can listen to WBCN (Boston alternative rock station) via the iTunes radio feature. In the past 1/2 hour I have heard songs from Local H, Nada Surf, Nirvana, Incubus, Green Day, Offspring, etc. I’m in heaven.
  • My wife and I are looking into buying the condo we rent from her father. Hopefully we can close on that soon.