Thoughts before opening day

There is nothing like opening day in baseball.

You instantly feel like winter is behind you, whether or not you still have snow on the ground. You feel endless optimism as spring all the sudden starts appearing: your first week of 40+ degree temperatures, when the reports of snow remain confined to the north country (sorry pals), those small patches of grass that suddenly appear.

Only baseball makes you get up at 6 freaking A.M. in the morning to watch a kid’s game an ocean and continent away. Heck I am going to attempt to get all dressed and ready for work prior to 6 A.M. so have one and half hours of pure bliss.

I feel good about the Red Sox this year. I go 22-years of my life without a championship and I get two in the past four years. Most of the team is healthy and ready for the grind. I am excited and think we can go far again. Time to repeat. Can’t have those Patriots get all of the accolades in this town now can we? Oh yeah, I said the P word…I swore I wouldn’t say it till August after what happened.

To me it comes down to those young players, the rookies (Ellsbury, Bucholz) and now “veterans” (Pedroia, Lester). If they improve and show they can stay in the big leagues, plus the rest of the team stays as healthy as possible, we will be right back in the playoffs. Once your there, anything can happen (I’m thinking of you 2004 and 2007 Red Sox).

It feels damn good to say that we are the defending champions.