Suspending the gas tax

There has been some recent talk about suspending the roughly 18 cent federal gas tax. The basics are that Clinton and McCain think it is a great idea, while Obama is totally against the idea. I was skeptical from the start of the idea, as it seemed like the perfect scenario of an election year […]

No more technology debt…

As of today, I have no debt related to technology. My HDTV has officially been paid off. My computer equipment (Macbook, printer, router, etc.) and PS3 have been paid off for awhile. Spending on technology is a weakness of mine. Give how quickly technology depreciates, it is something really hard to keep in check. I […]

Toronto is for real

After this series against the Toronto Blue Jays, I agree that they are a contender in the AL East and are going to be major pests this season for the Red Sox. I am also glad to say they are going to be major pests for the Yankees too.

Daring Fireball on Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3

Daring Fireball makes some interesting points on Firefox 3 vs. Safari 3¬†on Macs. I continue to struggle picking between the two browers. I love the integration Safari has with OS X (Keychain, Dictionary lookup, searching for bookmarks, etc.). Given that I will be getting an iPhone at the end of the year, this integration is […]

Debt snowball in full effect

I just sent in the payment that will officially pay off my HDTV two years early (I had no interest until 2010 on it). Why pay off something I have no interest on for two more years? Because I am following the Debt Snowball method of reducing debt. It is completely right too: tackling the […]

The Pursuit of Wireless

I dislike wires with a passion. They take up space, never look neat (well, at least when I am involved in hooking them up), and in most cases completely unnecessary. Especially for home use, there is few times when you really do need to grab that Ethernet cable. With the recent purchase of my HP […]