Suspending the gas tax

There has been some recent talk about suspending the roughly 18 cent federal gas tax. The basics are that Clinton and McCain think it is a great idea, while Obama is totally against the idea.

I was skeptical from the start of the idea, as it seemed like the perfect scenario of an election year posturing that will not help the general public at all. Reminds me a lot of the tax rebate check I should be getting in the mail any day now (how can you have a rebate when the government is way in the red this year? I can’t figure that one out). Not to mention the thought of losing millions of dollars in federal highway funds (which go anywhere from building new highways to repairing them) and the thousands of workers who’s jobs would be threatened since no money = no construction projects. has an online calculator that you can punch in your numbers and figure out how much gas tax you will really save over the course of the 15-week gas tax suspension.

For me, 15-weeks of driving should equal out to roughly 3,000 miles of driving. I am assuming I will get 24 mpg.

To put it simple, my gas tax savings would be exactly $23.00.

I side with Obama on this one. Stupidest idea I have heard in awhile. A classic case of a politican’s (in this case, McCain and Clinton) election year promises that are not even close to being a good idea in reality. I much rather my $23 go towards fixing a red list bridge or fixing a pot hole.