Some Playstation 3 purchases

Thanks to my birthday a few weeks back, I had some gift cards to various retailers. I decided to put a couple of them towards stuff for my Playstation 3:

  • Dualshock 3 Controller – Now I have two controllers, for whenever my wife wants to make a fool out of herself or when I have company over.
  • Playstation 3 Charge Base 2 – Instead of having USB cables lying all over the place, I purchased a charge station to keep the cable clutter to a minimum. Added bonus of not having to turn the PS3 on in order to charge the controllers.

The controller I have in my possession right now. I had to order the charge base and will probably get it later this week.

Secure banking

Apparently Bank of America just did some upgrades to their online banking web site. Thanks to Firefox 3, I feel even more secure now:

The site identification button now shows up green when I log into my online banking page. They also now use 256-bit encryption.

It will be much harder for Bank of America customers to by mistake log into a phishing site, especially if they use Firefox 3.

Firefox 3 RC1 released

The Firefox 3 updates keep on coming. After 5 beta’s, there is now Release Candidate 1 as well.

Firefox 3 is light years ahead of Firefox 2. I cannot begin to describe how numerous the improvements are, especially for Mac users. The awesome bar alone is worth the upgrade in my opinion, nevermind when you throw in the massive improvements in memory management and performance increases.

For a great review on Firefox 3, check out this article at Mozilla Links.

It completely and utterly leaves Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera in the dust. I seriously have fits when I am forced to use another web browser now.

One dollar at a time

Operation Debt Reduction is going well. Thanks to paying off some old debt, tightening up the finances a little bit, and working with the good folks at Comcast to reduce my monthly bill, my debt snowball is starting to work. Also due to this month being an extra paycheck month (5 weeks = 5 paychecks, instead of the normal 4 paychecks a month), I will be able to apply the extra paycheck towards debt reduction as well.

I now have about $224 a month going directly towards debt reduction. Doesn’t sound like a lot? It will nearly pay off $1000 worth of debt every four months. At my current pace, I will have my last credit card with a balance paid off in August. Actually, counting my extra paycheck this month and the profits from some eBay sales I just pulled off, that credit card could be paid off by the beginning of July.

With no more revolving debt, I will start taking care of some of my installment (loan) debt. First to go? A student loan with a $550 balance as of this moment…what a good feeling that will be to get rid of my first student loan. Good news is I will be paying about $250 a month on that student loan thanks to the debt snowball, so that will basically be paid off in just two months.

After that, the most likely candidate to be targetted is my car loan. I did some rough math and counting interest, in theory I could have it paid off by October 2009 (roughly a year and a half away), about two years before its original payoff date.

Wouldn’t that be nice? No car loan, no credit card balances, and even a student loan paid off. Gotta get the first part done first though!

The Birthday Weekend

Tomorrow is the #26th time I have seen May 11th. Going to a Thrice concert with my brother Justin tonight (my brother Dan has to go to a prom tonight, the nerve) and then up to my hometown tomorrow for a cookout with my parents, brothers, and wife. Should be a good time.

It is weird how fast the world goes today. A lot has changed in the past year. Becoming an uncle, getting married, losing a dear cousin of mine, and so on.

No excuses

Is there any legit reason in 2008 for a bank’s web site to not let you view your current auto loan balance? After all, you would think that since they have online banking that displays your checking/savings accounts, it would be easy to display your auto loan. Apparently not though.

Enter the 21st century people. Seriously.