Since I started hypermiling, I increased my Subaru Forester’s mileage from ~24 mpg to ~30 mpg, a 6 mpg increase. Pretty amazing for a car that is basically an SUV. The hypermiling tricks I use is going about 60 mph on the highway (instead of ~65mph)  and I try to coast to stops instead of using my brakes all the time. That is it…not that difficult.

I also found a slightly modified way home that takes advantage of a $0.40 decrease in the highway toll thanks Exit 11 on I-93. Instead of paying $1.44 cents a day for tolls, I pay $0.84 a day in tolls, a $0.60 cent decrease. That adds up over 20+ days of paying a toll each month. Add bonus of driving this route: I avoid 3 stoplights and the 1 stoplight I do take on this route is directly next to where I live (and requires a simple right turn to navigate). Practically no stop and go traffic to worry about now.