R.I.P. Tim Russert

One of my favorite journalists passed away today. Tim Russert, famous for his tough interviews on Meet the Press, passed away today from what appears to be a heart attack. He was one of those few journalists who you could genuinely believe that he had no agenda except to find out the truth and that you could trust what he said. One of the best things on TV was to see him catch some politican in a lie, with a video clip ready at hand to prove that the politician lied.

Watching him during the coverage of this year’s election was fascinating. He looked so excited to be witnessing a historic election between Obama and McCain. Unfortunately, he won’t be able to report on the conclusion.

Unfortunately these days, there are precious few of these journalists anymore. Now there is one fewer.

Watching everyone on MSNBC right now trying to report on the news is heartbreaking. The anchors are crying or trying badly not to, the guests have wonderful stories, etc. 

R.I.P. Tim.